A DJ/producer native to Portland, Oregon, Cory O is a verified master of West-coast bass music, in addition to being one of few Native American producers of the Lakto Sioux tribe. After only five years working in the electronic scene Cory O has held residencies in almost every club in Portland and has opened for an impressive roster of acts including A-Trak, Rusko, Flosstradamus, Skream, Samples, iLL-ESHA, Luminox, Knight Riderz, K- Theory, MRK1, Adventure Club, and BARE. Quality sound design is of utmost importance to him, as his creation process involves sampling from records and using analog synths to make tracks with a clear hip-hop influence. The coming year sees Cory O launching his own West-coast bass label Tomahawk Recordings, pushing his sound towards a brand new style, and pushing himself and his music to a brand new level. His Intergalactic (Tycho Records) reached #16 on Beatport's Glitch Hop Top 100 chart and climbed to #2 on Addictech's Top New Releases and  FireWater and SpaceWork (Prime Dub Records) both sat at #1 on Addictech's Top Releases list.